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BREAKING: VRTO Lands in Toronto For the 9th Year

Updated: Jul 5

Virtual reality enthusiasts, the time you've eagerly been waiting for is upon us! That's right - the 9th annual VRTO Spatial Media World Conference and Expo takes over OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 10th and 11th, 2024. The conference intends to amalgamate virtual and augmented realities with everyday life, as well as bring some of the best and brightest minds within the industry to the forefront.

This year's lineup includes quite a list of speakers from Canada and the US, including:

  • Nimrod Shanit, CEO of Blimey VR Studios Inc.

  • Stephanie Greenall, Head of Communications at Tilt Five

  • Justin Baillargeon, Producer/Host of Dr. VR

  • Whitton Frank, Producer/Director at Ferryman Collective

  • Pratik Pradhan, Researcher/Developer at Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Steve Simpson, Chief Innovation Officer at SmartMansion Inc.

  • Richard Broadbridge, CEO of 4Dviews

  • Ashley Huffman, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at TITAN Haptics

  • Luis Hernandez, Creative Director at Necrophone Games

  • Dave Cardwell, Senior Director/Head of 3D & Immersive Labs at Adobe

  • Daniel Blair, CTO at BSD XR

  • Vikas Gupta, CEO of AVARA Media Inc.

  • Mike Boers, Co-CEO/Innovation Lead at Immersion Room

  • Heather Dunaway Smith, Immersive Artist from Portland, Oregon

  • Lucie Lalumiere, President/CEO of Interactive Ontario

  • Luke Hurd, Director of Experience Design (Spatial) at VML/WPP

  • Caitlin Krause, Founder/Author/Speaker at MindWise and Stanford University

  • David Oppenheim, Director at SIRT/Sheridan College

  • Curtis Hickman, Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer at The VOID

  • Hammed Arowosegbe, Senior Software Engineer at Web3D/WebXR

  • Lianne Baron, Strategic Partner Manager at Meta

  • Laura Mingail, Founder of Archetypes and Effects

  • Jason Moore, CEO of The MetaMovie

  • Dan Fill, President at Dark Slope

  • Priam Givord, Director of Design at Priam Givord Design Studio

  • Nicole Rigo, Actor/Writer at The MetaMovie

  • Prav Chinthoju, Fullstack Developer at CHLAVM

  • Anne Toole, Writer at The Write Toole

  • Harrison Forsyth, Principal Investigator (Research Lead) at Durham College MR Capture Studio

  • Dario Laverde, XR/Spatial Computing Creative Technologist at Stay Warm Studio

  • Carol Silverman, Artist/Creator at Stay Warm Studio

  • Ryan Andal, President/Co-Founder of Secret Location

  • Tendisai Cromwell, CEO/Co-Founder of Bioimmersive

  • Gillian McIntyre, Interpretive Planner at Art Gallery of Ontario

  • Lana Lux, Owner of Lux Games

  • Debbie Deer, CEO/Founder at Orion Digital Innovations and Creations Inc

  • Blair Renaud, Founder/CEO at IRIS VR Inc.

  • Pinar Demirdag, Co-Founder/CEO of Cuebric

  • Keram Malicki-Sanchez, Instructor at UCLA Extension | Executive Director at FIVARS and VRTO

More speakers are expected to be added to the list as we grow closer to the conference.

Since its inception in 2015, the award-winning, critically acclaimed conference has been the main hub for learning about new opportunities and developments in media, arts, entertainment, education, and enterprise. Co-produced by Keram Malicki-Sanchez and Aimee Reynolds with Constant Change Media Group Inc., VRTO 2024 is one XR expo that experts and enthusiasts alike will not want to miss.

VRTO 2024 has planned to showcase more than a dozen key topics:

  • Virtual Museums, Archaeology, and Cultural Anthropology

  • NERFS/Gaussian/Dolphin Splatter Live Virtual Performance Training

  • The Revenge of LBEs (Location-Based Experiences)

  • OpenXR and multimodal affordances past, present, and future

  • Generative AI for Virtual Production

  • Web3D/WebXR Optimization and Advancements

  • Hyper-Reality 2.0

  • Projection Mapping and Immersive Interactive Environments

  • The Next Phase of LLMs (Light-Field Displays) and GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks)

  • Digital Humans

  • (XR) Simulation for the Next Generation Flight Navigation and UAM (Urban Air Mobility)

  • New Advancements and Content Approaches for AR/MR (Augmented and Mixed Reality)

  • Haptics, Gestural Input

  • Art and AR

  • Low code VR, 3D asset creation

And let's not forget about the incredibly interesting, 1-on-1 conversations you can have with other conference participants!

While the panel schedule may be subject to change, you can view what's happening here. Not only will you have the chance to be part of an eager audience with C-suite executives, investors, hackers, gamers, developers, educators, and artists, but the exhibit hall will showcase a ton of hands-on activities.

Participants can check out groundbreaking demos and interactive workshops that feature the latest VR and AR advancements and immerse themselves in live demonstrations by students at Durham, Conestoga, and OCAD colleges. These demos will be even more eye-catching considering that the team also produces the FIVARS (Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories).

Stay in the loop with all things VRTO by checking out their socials on Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Mastodon. Alternatively, reach out to the VRTO team directly at or email Keram Malicki-Sanchez at Still need tickets? Get 'em here before they're gone!

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