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September Virtual Reality Deals on Meta Quest

Updated: Jun 23

Who doesn’t love a deal, right? There are few things better than getting online and discovering that the game haunting your wishlist for months finally offers a discounted price. Scramble to the Meta Quest store and discover these virtual reality deals in September 2023*

Player battles a large enemy in an outdoor arena.

Vastus Isle is overrun by menacing AI, and it’s up to you and your named Stella to overcome them. Seamlessly move from map to map, discovering new challenges around every corner. Play solo or with three friends through the coop multiplayer option. Altair Breaker is on sale for $25.51CAD until September 22, 2023.


Player flies through the sky with a large bird. There are several clouds in the sky but it is light.

One moment, you’re asleep, albeit listlessly, and the next moment, you’re a mysterious bird with an even more curious purpose. Mare combines an aesthetic of gorgeous scenery mixed with an ethereal storyline in a fantastical world. Journey between challenges with a helpless companion that you soon learn knows more than it lets on. Grab mare for only $11.99CAD for a limited time. 52% SAVINGS!

Three warriors pose simultaneously. They are prepared to fight. The Dungeons of Eternity logo rests center page.

Dungeons of Eternity isn’t even out yet, but if you purchase it before the release date, you can pick it up for only $31.49CAD. Bravely step into the shoes of a courageous warrior while fighting for good in a land full of injustice. Play alone or alongside friends and explore chambers of challenges, hack-n-slashing your way through enemies. Official release in Fall 2023. 10% SAVINGS!

A glowing object hurtles through space along a neon track.

Can’t get enough of VR rhythm games? Thumper is a carefully curated experience that’ll immerse you immediately. With nine levels and a big, bad boss battle, you’ll be kept on your toes – that is when you’re not shooting down a perilous track screaming for your life. Until September 18, 2023, purchase the arcade adventure for only $13.99CAD. 45% SAVINGS!

A young woman stands outside of a Japanese temple beside a masked warrior.

Travel around the metaverse with a cute anime girl in The Tale of Onogoro. This VR action adventure combines steampunk-style elements with perplexing puzzles and big battles. Rely on Haru, as well as your own instinct, to defeat the Kami that block your path to success. As a single-player game, you can totally lose yourself in hours of play. And if you buy it now, it’s only $26.99CAD until September 19, 2023. 45% SAVINGS!

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*Disclaimer: The availability of deals, discounts, and offers is subject to change at any time, according to the platform selling the game.


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